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Welcome to wbfsGUI

wbfsGUI is a small GUI I made to make it easier to manage game transfer from and to the Wii on a USB drive or SD card using WBFS as file system.


Feature Description  
Initialize WBFS Drive By clicking on Button "Erase and Init Drive" the drive will be converted to WBFS. If successful you'll see the remaining space at the bottom right.  
Rename Game on WBFS Drive By editting the GameName cell on the right panel, you'll modify the name as it appear on the USBLoader. (I recommend using  a configurable USBLoader instead of this to keep a 1:1 copy)  
Transfer Games from/to WBFS By clicking on the arrow in the middle you'll transfer game from or to the WBFS drive. You can select multiple cells/rows to transfer multiple games. Use double arrows to transfer all games.  
Transfer Games WBFS to WBFS on the fly By using a WBFS drive on both side, you'll be able to copy games from one to the other. Since V14 drive with different block size are supported.  
Automatic Download of BoxArt By selecting the right options in the menu, the soft will automatically download game's BoxArt  
SD card / USB flash drive with more than one partition Detection/support for partition not being seen by Windows on USB flash drive and SD card (Ex. SDHC card with a FAT32 and a WBFS partition, the FAT32 partition will be visible, but not the WBFS partition)  

How to use

Button Description  
Browse Select the folder where your ISO are or where you want to send them  
Init Initialize your drive with WBFS, preferably formatted with FAT32  
Refresh Refresh both list of games  
Remove Delete a game from the Wii drive  
>> Copy all local ISO that appear in the list to the Wii  
Copy the selection to the Wii, use Ctrl+Click to select multiple  
Extract the selection from the Wii, use Ctrl+Click to select multiple  
<< Extract all games from the Wii  



wbfsGUI V10



All downloads are available at Files @ Sourceforge


The following are needed to run this software

  • .Net Framework v2.0


For features request, please feel free to fill a bug or feature request at MantisBT @ Sourceforge


The team is not impressive at the moment

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